Paragon PCH 14.0 Implementation and Flowsheet Improvements - 1119301
Program Overview
Faculty: Michelle Hartzell, BSN, RN
Available: 10/17/2016 to 10/16/2017
Fee: None Type: Online
Certificates: TBD Credits: TBD

A historic transformation is underway in healthcare as value-based reimbursement (VBR) gradually supersedes the fragmented and costly fee-for-service care model long employed in the United States.  Both government and commercial programs are demonstrating that VBR’s quality-driven approach can reduce costs, improve outcomes and enhance patient satisfaction. New incentives for preventive care, early intervention and care continuity are permanently altering the way medicine is practiced and paid for

To succeed, no matter the size, a practice needs and must understand how to use technology solutions that help deliver the highest quality of patient care without sacrificing revenue or practice efficiency.

This activity is a multi-day live virtual conference “The Application of the EHR System to Improve Patient care and Mange Costs,” and will be held Monday, October 3rd – Thursday October 13th.  Please note that this program will be accredited for physicians and nurses.

General educational topics that will be addressed include Federal Regulations, Quality and Operational Efficiency, Managing Core Practice Operations and Optimizing Performance and Quality.

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