Web Replay - SOC II and HITRUST Certifications: The Right Choice
Program Overview
Faculty: Rusty Fancher; Susan Richards
Available: 10/9/2019 to 10/8/2020
Fee: None Type: Online
Certificates: TBD Credits: TBD

Security is one of the biggest hot topics right now across all industries, especially in healthcare. It affects everyone, regardless of whether you’re a consumer, payer or provider. SOC II and HITRUST are two critical components, regardless of your industry, necessary to ensure your organization’s information is secure. It’s currently a high priority because it helps you prove to external organizations, where your current security maturity level lies. Having a third-party organization validate your current security posture and provide recommendations on how to improve is one key way to earn trust. This activity will address the types of things you should look for in a SOC II Audit or HITRUST Certification. Through a HITRUST certification and a SOC II Audit, you can help your organization reach their security goals.

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