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Travel Health 101 Web Course for Healthcare Providers

Please complete the following questionnaire before continuing.

CED-1137 Travel Health Evaluation

1.  Did this activity achieve each of the learning objectives?

2.  For each of the activity objectives, the extent to which the learner is able to:

  Great   Some   Little   No
List 3 essential elements of a pre-travel consultation            
Discuss 2 major health/disease risks in sub-Saharan Africa            
List 3 important facts to learn from taking the traveler’s health and itinerary history            
List 4 vaccines that might be recommended for a patient prior to taking an international trip            
Identify 2 mistakes healthcare staff can make in storing or administering vaccines            
Identify 2 insects that transmit disease and 2 ways travelers can minimize the risks            
Discuss 3 health education topics to be covered in a pre-travel consultation            
Identify a symptom requiring post-travel evaluation and list 2 respected resources for the travel clinic            
Use the provided worksheet to identify 3 important considerations in a specific patient’s pre-travel consultation            

3.  The format and teaching strategies of this activity were appropriate for the setting and for achieving the activity's objectives:

4.  The speaker had the appropriate expertise and was organized and effective in his/her presentation:

5.  This activity has strong relevance to my clinical practice and/or administrative responsibilities:

6.  This activity increased my knowledge and comprehension, and provided information, ideas, or skills that I can incorporate into my clinical practice and/or administrative responsibilities:

7.  List or describe TWO examples of something you learned that that you intend to apply to or change in your practice:

8.  What is the probability of making some change(s) in your practice and/or administrative responsibilities because of this activity?

9.  This activity will have a positive impact on patient outcomes:

10.  This program was presented in a fair and balanced manner, and free of commercial bias toward a particular product or company:

11.  Please provide any additional comments or suggestions: